If the army can do it, so can you

from by Heathen Beast

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Stand in line and serve your country you unpatriotic fuck!
Where are your balls, when you hear the call, come join the army my son.
Fight for your country, lay down your life, a hero, a matry you will die
But you won't do it, of course not, you got the money and the chicks are hot
You were born into comforts and lots of wealth, serving the nation is for someone else

But you got the balls, to stand very tall, in the line at the ATM.

And you say, if the army can do it, so can you.

You're an arm chair patriot, spewing hatred, always calling for war
You've got no perspective because you're deluded, empathy is not in you
You pound your chest and beat your breast, like waving your patriot dick
Facebook, twitter, display pictures showing your pride online
But you'll spit on the ground, bribe people around and treat this country like shit.
If it ever came to war, you'll run as far as your little legs would carry you.

There is no glory in war
It's only for profit of the rich and powerful
Let them not turn you into slaves under the guise of patriotism
No one wants war except those who profit from it.
Why would a man hate another man who he doesn't know?
Why would a man kill another man who he doens't know?


from $cam, released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Heathen Beast Kolkata, India

Heathen Beast is a black metal band based out of Kolkata. We are atheistic in our views and we spread our message through our music. Our only weapon is the truth. We only show you what already exists.

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