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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But It Will Be Heard

by Heathen Beast

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clear5s thumbnail
clear5s this whole album is fire. track after track of pure fury craving nothing but justice. Favorite track: Fuck Your Hindu Rashtra.
Som Bhattacharyya
Som Bhattacharyya thumbnail
Som Bhattacharyya This is phenomenal stuff. Powerful, energetic , has genuine rage and intent. Have been respinning this since i first came across this. Stellar must have material.
Gaurav Abha Tiwari
Gaurav Abha Tiwari thumbnail
Gaurav Abha Tiwari They pull no punches, they mince no words, they don’t talk in metaphors, they don’t beat around the bush - these guys are very very literal. Their intent is clear - an all out attack on not just the saffron brigade, the politicians, the media, but also US, the society, for the hypocrisy we let prevail. From track 1 to the last track, that focus in not lost, that intent is not compromised. There is no lull, no weak moments, only a badass onslaught. Favorite track: Fuck Your Hindu Rashtra.
J. Wukotich
J. Wukotich thumbnail
J. Wukotich No way in hell I can pick a favorite from this incredible record! They call it blackened grindcore, but that doesn't even quite fit. Great stuff!
beruin thumbnail
beruin Love and peace from Germany.
I am usually a bit more into the power/symphonic side of metal, but this band blew me away with their raw fury and energy.
This is black metal with a punk attitude. Love it! Favorite track: Fuck Your Police Brutality.
daisydahlia thumbnail
daisydahlia A great and honest band whose music is thrillingly exciting yet thought provoking.Thoroughly recommended!!!
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Fuck C.A.A 03:01
Fuck CAA Fuck NPR Fuck NRC Fuck Modi & Fuck Amit Shah The Indian constitution Speaks of secularism No discrimination On the basis of religion And then they scheme And then they amend Favour certain religions Just a means to their end They make it clear A chronology exists Show us your papers Or you won't exist In a country where people don't have jobs, No place to sleep and no food to eat. In a country where women's safety is a joke Where rapists roam free and the judicial system is broke In a country where people don’t have a place to shit, And a decent life is for the privileged. Now they speak of bringing in refugees But only those who religion suits their needs They already labeled the others infiltrators Left out many of our other neighbours They are making it clear Hindus are refugees, Muslims infiltrators I spit on your communal hatred. Fuck the BJP and Fuck CAA!
This exercise has been done In Assam it was a failure So many people detained Just because of missing papers Inefficient government workers Spelling mistakes, missing papers Hindu, Muslim, doesn't matter Without papers, Infiltrator Who the fuck are you to question if I'm Indian? You can't even show us your college degree Who the fuck are you to ask for my papers? Invalid are my pan, passport and voter ID? Over a thousand crores and 10 years later Lakhs and lakhs of infiltrators? Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai it doesn’t matter None of them could show their papers The ones who suffer are always the poor Their mental agony and suffering you adore Hindus, Muslims, they both didn't make the list You got a bit fucked up, you didn't expect this How many crores will it take to implement This diabolical scheme of your government When the economy is tanking have you got the cash To run this operation or are you just full of gas? Demonetization was a resounding success Only a few injured and 155 dead If a couple of thousand die it's no consequence for you In a country of a billion what's the death of a few?
There is blood on your hands The world has not forgotten Godhra You can't escape your murderous past Fuck you Narendra Modi and Fuck you Amit Shah You both should be behind bars! Bastards Liars Murderers Traitors Criminals Terrorists Profiteers Desecrator Everything you touch turns to ash You spark the flames you fuel the fire You twist the truth, sociopathic liar Play the victim when it suits your desire Your hypocrisy knows no bounds Your disregard for human life Fuck you cowards Unlike you I don't want your death Murder is not my scene, only justice beget First Gujarat burned and now Delhi Rioters killing assisted by your police You are burning this country to the ground Your greed, lust and power knows no bounds You are scum, evil personified But the resolve of the people will not die! For your crimes, you will pay.
Fuck you Ajay Singh Bisht Fuck you Kapil Mishra Fuck you Anurag Thakur Fuck you BJP Fuck you Pravesh Verma Fuck you Amit Malviya Fuck you Tarun Chugh Assholes, Liars, Cowards! Inciting mobs starting riots Built a hatred you can't control Killing Muslims brazenly Fucking Islamophobes Peaceful protests got your goat Unity you couldn't handle Demonize and villanize Kill and claim you were provoked False narrative Play the victim Hashtag trending IT Cell Hatred Spreading Fear Mongering Fuck you BJP Making threats in open public Police and Godi media shielding you Rattled by protesting women A united India scares you All your violence and attacks Has not scared us 'anti nationals' The voice of dissent shall no be silenced Not by you or by your goons Manipulate and create hate Exploiting religious ignorance Hindu khatre me hai
So many people to fool so little time From rags to riches, proof of the divine God always needed money, I do too Yoga, Noodles, Gau Mutra all on sale for you! You stay quiet, refuse to answer questions Then you send your godmen to peddle your bullshit Why is a self proclaimed godman trying to explain the law Next time you need surgery I'll send a carpenter with a saw I guess it takes a fraud to know one Peddler of pseudoscience and half baked lies Sell yourself to the highest bidder Peddler of half truths and misinformation Self proclaimed godmen Driving fancy cars Self proclaimed godmen They’ll give you gyaan Self proclaimed godmen They know it all Self proclaimed godmen They'll spin a yarn! Of lies and half truths Of pseudoscience Their point is moot Some are even criminals Rapists and Liars Maybe even a murderer Set this world on fire! To save our rivers just give a missed call CAA and NRC I know it all I haven't read the act but people are wrong Then I looked things up, you still got it wrong! Criminals and Godmen fit right in Now these monsters can contest in elections Peddle some more bullshit just to win the vote On behalf of India, your garbage we revoke! Self proclaimed godmen Where is the compassion? Self proclaimed godmen Where is the empathy? Self proclaimed godmen Is hate what you teach? Self proclaimed godmen Practice what you preach No god would agree!
Shoot to kill, only Muslims Shoot to hurt, only students, Direct orders. Shoot to kill, disperse protesters Shoot to kill, Who controls the police? Home minister. To control a crowd you lathi charge you hit on the legs The police chooses brutality smashing students on the head Entering the library and shooting tear gas shells Police breaking the CCTV makes it clear who is innocent. Who will save us from those meant to protect us? Where is the honour of the uniform and the oath you took? Shooting, hurting, bleeding, killing Unchecked police brutality Tear gas, lathi charging, stone pelting Fucking Delhi Police! Violence, disorder, when the police Under the rule of the BJP Hindu terrorists hand in glove No police accountability When the police is pelting stones who will stop the riots When Hindu terrorists burn Muslim homes, they don't bat an eyelid Gujarat model, police watch while rioters run free When no one's watching the police try to break the CCTV We've seen the videos, we've seen through the lies All our news sources are fucking verified. Not the saffron manufacturing fake news Every day trying to portray the victims are Hindus Let's be clear the agenda from day 1 Dissent will not be tolerated, beware It's such a shame all the lives that are lost But you created a hatred, a fire you cannot stop People injured, people died, policemen too All on the behest of powerful men, who don't give two hoots. The job of the police is to protect the people Not be slaves to political goons No one should have to die for this While politicians sit safe in their cocoons. Even during the riots only the innocent suffer Let the politicians come enact the hate they monger Let's give them weapons and send them to war Why should anyone lose their lives, when the politicians have no balls
Savarkar wrote, Hegdewar read RSS formed and India bled Bootlickers of the British Didn't fight for freedom, fucking dipshits You destroy Babri Masjid Plant an idol, legitimize it Fool the masses in the name of Ram Vote bank politics look what you've done! Thugs in power, murderous rage Bloodletting, riot, rampage VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS Sanghis Radicalised to hate minorities Raising the flag of Hindutva RSS hai chutiya ABVP unka bhadwa The fucking nazi's of India Hindu Muslim hai bhai bhai Khaki chaddi kahan se aayi RSS ki maksat ladai The face of saffron terror RSS, vigilantes, lynching people Hating minorities Hindu rashtra, bigoted beliefs Killing people for eating beef Democracy, stands corrupted Swayamsevaks in every field Constitution torn to shreds CAA, NPR, NRC, dread Hindu khatre me hai Say it till you believe Absent from the freedom fight Rejected the tricolour for saffron delights Banned by governments many times RSS is a disease it needs to die Come on motherfuckers Bolo ‘Hindu khatre me hai’ Come on motherfuckers Play the victim
Sold your soul for rock and roll? More like to the highest bidder Journalistic integrity, 404 not found Fucking Godi media spreading fake news all around A 24/7 propaganda machine Not for justice or truth but for money Right wing slaves just spreading hate Broadcast a shouting matching you call a debate Republic TV, Zee News the worst offenders Arnab Goswami did a complete U turn First he had a conscience and then he did not A presstitute he is, his integrity was bought Screaming, shouting, lying, deceiving Fake news spreading Fuck you Godi Media Hatred spreading, BJP bootlicking Bought and paid for fuck you Godi Media Sudhir Chaudhary, communal agenda Nationalist asshole, Modi ka bhadwa Spreading fake news on prime time Godi media channels, a dozen for a dime No fact checking, biased reporting Anti muslim, fuck you Godi Media Fake video sharing, the truth not airing, Nationalist propoganda Fuck you Godi Media Refusing to ask the hard questions Always praising your masters Loud and obnoxious, you speak not you bark You call it a debate but you don't let others talk Even the world knows of your farce As a 'BJP Ally' not a journalist you are So much damage you've done to this land For all the lives lost, the blood is on your hands.
Every fucking Indian Has a family WhatsApp group And that one fucking uncle Who is a complete chut He forwards everything without fact checking Compounding ignorance but Confident and bullshit spewing No fact checking in the WhatsApp university Fake news spreading in the WhatsApp university Pseudo science peddling in the WhatsApp university Right wing propaganda in the WhatsApp university Welcome to Whatsapp university Where the facts are not facts. BJP IT cell thrives on WhatsApp uncles Creating an army of WhatsApp warriors Spreading fake news like it's coronavirus Infecting gullible Indians it's a fucking disease. Everyone's an expert from the WhatsApp university Find the cure for any disease on the WhatsApp university Just give a missed call for sexy time on the WhatsApp university UNESCO gives India lots of awards on the WhatsApp university Real human lives have been lost Not monitored and unchecked it runs Doesn't matter if it's true just forward The fastest growing in the world Welcome to the WhatsApp university of India
Fuck your Hindu rashtra Fuck your gau mutra Fuck your racist diatribe Fuck your Hindutva Fuck your beliefs of grandeur Fuck your religion theory Fuck your shakha boys and Fuck your bigotry Religion divides, it poisons the mind Glorifies violence, kills humankind Killing rationalists, they justify Hindutva brings shame to Hindus worldwide These men of hate, in the name of faith Will tear apart, this great country Lynch mobs unite, showing their might Target the poor, no end in sight Saffron terror, saffron terrorists we fight Saffron terror, saffron terrorists we fight Riots, rape, murder, pillage Agents of pogrom, agents of hatred Roaming the streets in broad daylight Hindu nationalists, the extreme right
5,5,5, GDP is 5 Half of what was promised, People left to die on the streets, Conmen in power, economy is sinking Fuck the economy Demonetisation killed small businesses GST is a complicated mess Raided RBI again and again Morally deficit, fiscally unfit Fuck the economy You've broken dreams of better days You told us lies, you led us astray Sold this country to the highest bidder Broke the system, you did betray Humanity suffers for your hate Religious disharmony you create Exploit the poor for your gains Your powerful friends have their way Manufacturing at historical lows Unemployment at unprecedented highs No investments, lack of credit and supply All u can do is tax, tax, tax, tax Banks collapsing, Yes bank, PMC Blame UPA, while you were napping Raghuram Rajan, warned you this would happen You didn't like him, now we got a historian? Fuck the economy (Modi already has)
The BJP and their supporters, the andh bhakts are masters of playing the blame game and whataboutery. Everything that is wrong or goes is the fault of the opposition, mainly the congress party. I mean if the Congress was actually this efficient we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. It's also commonplace for the andh bhakt to call anyone who criticizes the government a congress supporter. When all their arguments are unable to hold water the name calling starts, everyone who is criticizing the BJP is either paid by the congress or a supporter of the party, which is why I'd just like to say, Fuck the congress too.


Our 2nd full-length album.


released June 21, 2020

All music & lyrics by Heathen Beast
Mixed & Mastered by Heathen Beast


all rights reserved



Heathen Beast Kolkata, India

Heathen Beast is a black metal band based out of Kolkata. We are atheistic in our views and we spread our message through our music. Our only weapon is the truth. We only show you what already exists.

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