Rise Of The Saffron Empire

by Heathen Beast

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released April 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Heathen Beast Kolkata, India

Heathen Beast is a black metal band based out of Kolkata. We are atheistic in our views and we spread our message through our music. Our only weapon is the truth. We only show you what already exists.

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Track Name: Rise Of The Saffron Empire
When the barrel is rotten
You salvage the rot
Paint a perfect picture
And deceive them all

He is our hero, the shinning beacon
He is our saviour, take us to glory

Silence the voices, silence the thoughts
Distract and deviate the masses, their attention is bought
Victory is ours, they believed the lies
A Hindu nation reborn, the Saffron Empire will rise

Blood can be washed
Even scars can heal
But the truth of your crimes
Will come to be revealed

For now they are blinded
By deceit and their own greed
The put him on a pedestal
He made them believe

Words of the ancient texts
You manipulate to your ways
Misguiding the young
Sowing the seeds of hate

The hypocrisy lies in the belief itself
That a way of life will indoctrinate
The bastardized and blasphemed
That Hindu religion will be your fate.

Harness the power of the ultimate weapon
It is religion
To create disharmony and destruction
It is religion
Breed a hatred to make men kill
It is religion
Create a God to justify your sin
It is religion
Track Name: The Systematic Annihilation Of Islam
They believe in Bharat Ma the one true Hindu nation. Saffron will unite.
They believe themselves to be the keepers, upholders, guardians of the Hindu faith.
We are not secular; we are not Tricolour, ours is a saffron Flag. Hindu blood will reign
Our ultimate goal is to annihilate, to burn, diminish and to erase, all trace of the Islamic race

Spark the flames of communal fires
Deceive the gullible, hatred you inspire
Interpret the holy books to suit your desires

You brainwash the youth, create hatred
Follow Hinduism or die, the ultimatum
Systematically annihilate, the Islamic race

Feed them lies, you twist the scriptures
If you are not with us, you are a traitor
Why did you murder? The Cow is my mother

You lead the angry mob, because he did eat
No proof or Evidence, Just because of his belief
Your propaganda worked, but no god would ever forgive

Let us not forget that Islam is not innocent either
The books have all been raped by extremists, carnal desires
Wars are being waged across the world, no religions of peace, only breeding fear
The Christians were no better, remember the crusades, in this world, religion has no place

Every religion preaches the same
Every story, every teaching, a common thread prevails
Can you not open your eyes and see it is fake
A tool to divide and control, enslave the human race.

Brush the dirt under the rug; distract the masses from the truth
The fear of god is the leash and ignorance breeds the fool

Hinduism would not be proud of what you have done in her name
You kill, rape, lie and cheat, Swachh Bharat, is your aim
In your vision of India, no other religion has a place
But more than Christians, Jews or Buddhists, It's the Muslims you hate
Track Name: Swachh Bharat
The system is failing
A crumbling structure
Religion, the down fall
Of human beings

Spreading hatred through religion
Infecting like a disease

The forces of Hindutva
The vehicle of propaganda
Self proclaimed guardians of Bharat Mata

The cleansing of Bharat
The cultural purification
Realizing their dreams of a Hindu nation

The saffron brigade
Those who are not of us will perish
We will assassinate, annihilate and eradicate

For any Hindu who truly understands
Who follows and believes, He can see
The complete destruction of the values and core beliefs,
The un-washable stain on Hinduism, we bleed